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Hawaii is known for its luxurious vacation mansions, but despite that, out of ten houses, one is foreclosed. While the tourism is blooming, the lenders are facing the issue of recovering the money that they lost due to the defaulted loans and foreclosures. When people are having problems paying their monthly rates, they resort to defaulting their loans and applying for another contract with another bank, especially now that mortgages for poor credits are more obtainable.

The government came up with a solution for all the banks’ questions and that is through the loan modification law. This law permits the clients to make modifications to their initial contract. This is applicable for persons having financial difficulties such as decreased income or because of unfortunate recent events. There are high hopes that this new law will greatly reduce the number of people defaulting because it affects both the mortgagee and mortgagor. If you are overwhelmed by your high monthly payments as well as the interest rates, apply for a loan modification. The bank is open towards this kind of adjustment because defaulting is disadvantageous for the bank as well. In your part, be prepared to complete the needed paper work that can be a little bit tricky, especially if you are a newbie in this domain. You can ask help from an attorney. He will deal with the obligations for you. He will build the image of your annual income and show that your earnings decreased in comparison to your income when you first signed the mortgage. The conditions of the mortgage were convenient for you back then, but now these represent an obstruction. Many people are facing the same problem and the law offices dealing with these procedures are very much needed. You have to get in contact with a lawyer several months before starting the negotiations with the bank. Search the internet for the law firms having the best lawyer and the most affordable prices. You will find over thirty law firms in Honolulu dealing exclusively with this loan modification system. There are some lawyers offering online consultancy. This online consultation is very convenient since you don’t have to put effort to visit the office by foot. Analyze thoroughly all the offers by the bank before you make a decision. Remember, you are bringing back the needs of a loan modification.

The Loan Modification program, after its approval, saved several homes from foreclosure. Aside from that, many successful contracts between the mortgagee and mortgagor are tallied. The new law supports the banks to prevent foreclosure measure so that the reduction of the big number of foreclosed homes will decrease in Hawaii.

Hawaii Mortgage Companies

Charter Financial Services
1357 Kapiolani Blvd
Honolulu, HI

2B Enterprises
(808) 573-2214
128 Aliiolani St
Makawao, HI

Bank Of Hawaii
(808) 572-7242
5501 Pukalani
Makawao, HI

First Hawaiian Bank
(808) 572-7238
67 Makawao Ave
Makawao, HI

Valley Isle Mortgage Inc.
(808) 573-0022
3240 Old Haleakala Hwy
Makawao, HI

Shirley Suguitan Legacy Mortgage
1999 Main Street
Wailuku, HI

West Oahu Community Federal Credit Union
(808) 682-4511
Shangrila St Bldg 1867
Kapolei, HI

First Horizon Home Loans
1099 Alakea St Suite 2200
Honolulu, HI

Navy Federal Credit Union
(808) 253-7440
338 Kamokila Blvd Ste 104
Kapolei, HI

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
(808) 573-4900
8 Kiopaa Pl Ste 101
Makawao, HI

Hawaii Legal Services

Legal Aid Society of Hawaii

Assistance: Foreclosure
Location: Statewide
Website: www.legalaidhawaii.org/PROGRAMS.htm
Phone: Oahu 808-536-4302; All neighboring islands 800-499-4302
Services: The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii is a public interest, not-for-profit law firm that provides civil legal services to qualified, low-income individuals and families. The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii offers homeownership counseling, including foreclosure counseling and legal representation in cases of predatory lending.

Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii

Assistance: Foreclosure
Location: Statewide
Website: www.vlsh.org
Phone: Oahu 808-528-7046, All neighboring islands 800-839-5200
Services: Volunteer Legal Services Hawai’i, originally known as Hawai’i Lawyers Care, was formed in 1981 by members of the Young Lawyers Division of the Hawai’i State Bar Association. Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii provides representation to low-income clients in foreclosure and consumer cases.

Avoid Mortgage Scams Hawaii

Attention homeowners: If you think you have been a victim of a scam, or approached by a scammer, report it to the Loan Modification Scam Prevention Network now! Your complaint could provide vital information that will help put loan modification scammers out of business.

Call 1-888-995-HOPE (With your permission, the complaint will automatically be shared with federal, state and local law enforcement)